• 2931 Lewis Street † ♥, Suite 200
  • Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Tel.: 770-794-1811
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Across from First Baptist Church, on Main St.
♥ Located in the heart of downtown Kennesaw.

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Permanent cosmetics Eyeliner Both Lids PER-LDS01 $500.00
Permanent cosmetics Eyebrows PER-BRW01 $450.00
Permanent cosmetics Full Lip Color PER-LIP01 $450.00
Permanent cosmetics Scar Cosmetics ($300/hour) PER-SCR01 $300.00
Permanent cosmetics Eyeliner Lower Lid PER-EYE02 $300.00
Permanent cosmetics Eyeliner Upper Lid PER-LIP01 $300.00
Spa packages Ultimate Spa Day SPA-DAY01 $285.00
Spa packages Escape SPA-ESC01 $275.00
Spa packages Retreat Package SPA-RET01 $210.00
Massage Any 90 Minute Session MAS-NIN01 $120.00
Body treatments Arctic Algae Body Treatment BDY-ALG01 $110.00
Micro dermabrasion & facials Micro Dermabrasion Treatment MIC-DER01 $110.00